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Two words: snip, snip :)
Cut away, my dear!
Maybe choose one "extra" thing a day, like just TWO thank you cards (and really, do you NEED to send those???) and by the end of the week, you'll have made small but significant progress, right?

Stacie, I NEVER get as much done as I want to.
It's just the way of life.
And I do think we mamas of "more" need to really be careful and realistic on our own terms. We can't keep up with those who even have ONE less child than we do! It's just not the same load.
Though no one's load is ever truly the same...

My mantra when I start to feel over-whelmed is "Do what you can." I said it today when driving home from dance even! I had so much I should have done but wanted that nap for I took it. And I still got a little done. But in the end, we're no good to our families if we're ragged.
And ragged ain't fun!
Have fun over there! Let the small stuff go! It's ok!! (I promise!)

PS...there are days when Greer has no clean undies. It happens and amazingly enough, she's lived! Sometimes laundry just isn't super high on the "necessary!"

Love you! Now go read a book for YOURSELF!

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