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We'll take the 7pm spot. Thanks!

We will take the 645. Thanks

Hi we will take the 7:45pm slot! Thanks!

People would be crazy to miss this! I'm only going to sign up if there is a slot left, which there prob won't be, so I'll just have to hit you up at a later time to do this great photo opp! What a amazing picture of Andre! Also, we are using your idea for color scheme when you do the big Williams extended family shoot! We chose the the color array of turquoise,, Royal blue, navy blue and green. Each family has a color but can accent with other three we are doing. Thanks for all your suggestions and research! Peace!

LOVE IT. You are so creative. Lucky to know ya.

If 6 is still open, I'm in! Thanks!

We would love to take the 6:30 pm opening if it is still available. Thanks!

What a great idea, too bad we will be out of town

I would love the 6:15 spot!! Thanks so much!

Two spots left, maybe I'll get one!

What a cute idea Stacie! The Easley boys will take the 7:15 spot. Thanks!

Can we take 7:30:) McInerney biys

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